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 The fact is there is no such thing as "organic water" in the United States! Under current laws and requirements for certification, water cannot be certified 'organic'. So for those of us taking the time to seek out fresh, local, natural and/or organic products, it is important to know this and be especially vigilant about the source of the water we drink. There is the old saying, "We are what we eat", it is even more true when it comes to water...'You are what you drink!' Your brain is approximately 95 percent water. Your heart about 75 percent water. You, my sister, are about 55 percent water. My brothers, you are about 60 percent water. Babies are 70-percent water until age 1 when the percentage drops to 65. It is indeed important to 'Drink Well, Friends!' 

What makes 1913 Water so different and beneficial to you, our family, and your friends? Most bottled waters are what we call 'man-made'. Large corporations pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from the ground into tanker trucks or through miles of pipes for processing. They then 'strip and polish' the water, first taking everything out of the liquid - good and bad - then re-infuse it with a synthetic chemical mix, primarily hoping to achieve a consistent taste. Conventional bottled water is not really a 'natural' product by the time the corporations get done with it. There are also companies simply bottling tap water, thereby exposing consumers to the myriad of chemicals coursing through municipal water systems.

1913 Water is a bonafide Michigan product drawn from the soul of the greatest fresh water basin in the world. Truly unique, preserved in an isolated aquifer, 1913 Water is: naturally 'sweetened' by limestone, embellished with colloidal minerals, filtered in a way to maintain its natural God-given qualities, integrity, and full-bodied taste. 

When was the last time you said, "Wow, that WATER tastes good!". If you cannot remember, isn't it about time you taste and say that again...?