The Washtenaw (Chippewa for 'Grand Waters') County Organic Farmstead where we bottle our water was originally settled in 1864. Later that century, it was owned and managed by one of Michigan’s 1st Women Doctors. This farm’s water was often credited for the brisk recovery of her many patients who convalesced there.

As legend has it, the original well was hand dug in 1913 to a depth of 100 feet by two men believed to be descendants of emancipated families who had originally traversed this area via the Underground Railroad. Laboring for weeks through clay, dirt, and rocks to reach a 100-foot of depth, the men continued the grueling dig with pick axe and hammer to drive a two-inch pipe the additional 50 feet for a total depth of 150-feet. At that point, the source of the Artesian Spring located toward the rear of the property was struck and the well filled immediately, almost drowning them. The men finished the back-breaking task and constructed a windmill to draw the precious water, as there was not yet electricity in this rural area.

The farm was sold in 1939 to the current owner’s uncle and then to the nephew in 1992 when a new well was constructed - and America’s 1st Approved Artesian Spring Water Source on a Registered Organic (Michigan) Farm was established. Having 'travelled the World' (to Vietnam as a member of the U.S. Air Force then afterward to Europe and Asia for education and adventure!), the nephew was drawn back the family farm because of its natural beauty, history, and water. Determined to know all he could about the water he grew up drinking, he worked with Local, State, and Federal officials as well as experts from a Local (well-known!) University. He himself is now a Certified Water Technician not only overseeing 1913 Water bottling operations, but working with other area businesses and municipalities on water quality projects. Eager to share this 'Treasure of the Great Lakes Fresh Water Basin', he has always invited family and friends to the farm to fill up jugs and bottles to take home and 'drink healthy.'

This eagerness to share natural, healthy, heirloom artesian spring water, combined with a knowledge of the chemicals, contaminants, and dangers associated with most other plastic bottled and municipal waters, ultimately led to the inception of 1913 Water.

1913 Water is bottled at the source by hand in small batches in 750ml glass bottles and is drawn from an isolated, self-contained aquifer - itself a result of the last ice age approximately 10,000 years ago. The 100 acre Organic Farm that resides atop this aquifer is located in Washtenaw (Chippewa for 'Grand Waters') County, in Southern Michigan. Our 7.0pH leveled product is produced in a way to retain its authenticity, natural integrity, and colloidal minerals. The intrinsic sweetness and clean taste are traits garnered from a limestone rift that runs through this region of the Great Lakes Basin.

Refreshingly delicious 1913 Water is uniquely 100-percent tritium-free. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, was originally introduced into the world's water sources via atomic testing in the early 1940's, and continues to find it's way into lakes, wells and municipal water sources to this day.