1913 Water = Fresh, Local, Natural

 1913 Water is a PREMIUM MICHIGAN product drawn from America's 1st Approved Artesian Spring Water Source on a Registered Organic Farm. Named for the year the 1st well was dug by hand, our water is bottled at the source by hand in small batches in GLASS BOTTLES in order to retain it's natural integrity, full bodied taste AND to avoid the environmental and health-risk factors associated with plastic bottles.

In addition to its interesting history, the farm is also the location of a most unique water source. 150' below the surface of our 100 Acre Organic Farm is an Isolated, Self-Contained Aquifer. No other underground streams intermingle with our water. Because of the beautiful simplicity of how we bottle, 1913 Water retains it's colloidal minerals,  is naturally sweetened by limestone, has a natural pH of 7.0, and is free of chlorine, fluoride, tritium* - as well as the myriad of other chemicals found in most bottled and tap waters.

WELCOME to the 1913 Water family, PLEASE join us and enjoy this Treasure of the Great Lakes Basin... and "Drink Well, Friends!"